Caramel Latte Recipe

Let me guess, your go-to drink at Starbucks is caramel latte because its unique taste that combines sweetness and bitterness and it’s just too delicious to resist. I’ve been in your shoes! It even got to the point where I started craving caramel lattes while at home, and I don’t really feel like driving all the way to Starbucks.

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So, I started experimenting. I kept trying different portions and orders of ingredients to get to the best caramel latte recipe there is!

This homemade caramel latte recipe is so easy to follow that you’ll find yourself making your own caramel lattes at home and never revisiting a coffee shop. So, without further ado, here’s my to-die-for caramel latte recipe.

Recipe Time:

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 7 minutes

Serving: 1 cup of caramel latte

Nutritional Value:

Calories: 155 Kcal

Carbs: 35g

Fat: 7g

Protein: 7g


Caramel Latte Recipe

Prepare Your Espresso

Start by preparing the coffee substitute/espresso how you usually would. If you have an espresso machine, use some finely ground beans and make half a cup of strong coffee or two shots of espresso. After that, set it aside until the next step is finalized.

Prepare Caramel/Milk Mixture

If you have a coffee machine, this step is a breeze. Froth your milk of choice (any milk will work – I recommend hemp or almond milk if you don’t like dairy milk) until it’s hot and has enough milk foam on top. 

You can also use steamed milk if you don’t have a frothing wand. After that, add around two tablespoons of caramel syrup and stir them up until they’re mixed. You can also add brown sugar to your taste or any other sweetener.

If you don’t have a coffee machine, you can still easily prepare your caramel latte! Get a small pan and put it on medium heat on your stove. Add in your milk and stir it for about 3-4 minutes. When the mixture is hot enough, you can use a small milk frother to create some foam. If not, use a whisk and stir the milk strongly until it starts foaming.

After that, lower the heat to low and mix in around two tablespoons of caramel syrup, and keep stirring until the milk and caramel are all mixed up. If you want to add extras like vanilla syrup, vanilla extract, or brown sugar, now would be a perfect time.

Combine It All Together

Now that you have your coffee and your milk mixture with caramel, sweetener, or any additions of your choice, it’s time to bring everything together. Just add your mixture into the cup and mix them together well.

Moreover, you can top it all off with some whipped cream and a dash of some more caramel syrup on top to further intensify the taste. You can try a small sip and see if you need any more sugar.

And ta-da! Your at-home caramel latte is all done!

Caramel Latte with whipped cream, serving silver spoon and white pitcher on wooden round board over blue painted wall background, selective focus, vertical composition

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though the recipe is quite easy to follow, when I first started making my own brewed coffee at home and exploring additives like caramel and vanilla, I had a few questions myself.

What Is the Difference Between Caramel Latte and Caramel Cappuccino?

While both are of Italian origins, latte and cappuccino aren’t the same drink. The main difference between latte and cappuccino, in general, is the amount of foam and milk. Cappuccinos usually have a lot more foam and less milk. Sometimes cappuccinos aren’t fully mixed, so the coffee, milk, and foam are distinct layers.

On the other hand, lattes have way less foam (about one inch of foam) and a lot more milk. Additionally, in lattes, the milk and coffee are mixed well together, in addition to any other flavors like caramel, in this case.

Is Caramel Latte Sweet?

Yes! Not only does caramel latte have caramel, which is a very sweet incident on its own, but also, in a caramel latte, you’ll likely add in some sweetener (usually brown sugar), which makes the latte even sweeter. 

The combination of caramel and sugar can’t fully cancel out the coffee’s bitterness, so you’ll be getting a unique combination of caramel sweetness and the usual taste of coffee that we all know and love.

Is a Latte Stronger Than Coffee?

Not necessarily. It depends on how much coffee is in each drink. For example, if you use the same amount of beans or ground coffee to make a shot of espresso and a cup of latte with milk and caramel, you’ll be getting the same caffeine intake. It depends on how much coffee you use, not what you add to it or how you make it.

Can I Use Caramel Sauce Instead of Caramel Syrup?

Of course! They mostly use caramel syrup in a regular coffee shop; that’s what you should go for if you’re looking for that taste. However, if you want to make your own caramel latte at home, caramel sauce is much easier to mix into your drink, and it has a richer taste.

How Do I Make Iced Caramel Latte?

You won’t believe how easy it is to turn a hot caramel latte into an iced drink. Just replace the half cup of espresso in the recipe with a half cup of iced espresso. Add in your caramel and milk mixture and mix it all. After that, leave the caramel latte in the refrigerator or the freezer until it cools down enough. Lastly, add in ice cubes, and you’re good to go!

Final Words

As you’ve seen in my simple caramel latte recipe, making your own homemade caramel latte is easier than ever. With very few ingredients like espresso, caramel syrup (or sauce), and milk, you’ll never want to order caramel lattes from a shop again!

In around 5 minutes (if you have the espresso ready), you can have your caramel latte ready to drink. 

Simply, froth some milk and add caramel syrup, or mix them both over medium heat. When your mixture is ready, add it into your cup of espresso and mix everything, and you’re all set! You can also drizzle caramel on top and add some whipped cream if you feel like it.

Who doesn’t love caramel and lattes? Well, you can mix the bitterness of lattes with the sweetness of caramel using this caramel latte recipe!
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